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We believe that today Armenia needs a government with high professional quality.

Specialists of that level usually maintain political neutrality. To build a government for purely reputation and professional skills, we work with the expert community, professionals with experience in international organizations, and graduates of the country’s leading universities who have achieved professional success.

Shadow government structure

Shadow government is a team of prospective ministers built in expectation of coming to power when it will be granted the competencies of the real government.

Our shadow government consists of:

  •             Prime minister
  •             Foreign minister
  •             Minister of finance
  •             Minister of external security
  •             Minister of internal security
  •             Minister of justice
  •             Minister of economy
  •             Minister of urbanisation
  •             Minister of environmental protection
  •             Minister of education and science
  •             Minister of health
  •             Minister of social protection
Coordination within the government

The government structure includes:

  • the Security Council,
  • the Social Council
  • the Economic Council.

The prime minister, foreign minister, and minister of finance participate in all the councils.

The Security Council also includes

  • the minister of external security,
  • the minister of internal security
  • the minister of justice.

The Economic Council also includes

  • the minister of economy
  • the minister of urbanization
  • the minister of environmental protection.

The Social Council also includes

  • the minister of education and science
  • the minister of health
  • the minister of social protection.

The documents elaborated by the shadow government shall be coordinated with the relevant councils and finally approved by the «Troika» (prime minister, minister of finance and foreign minister).

The activity of the shadow government

The shadow government drafts a 5-year country development program and the budget for the first year of program implementation. Each minister is responsible for the drafting of the public administration strategy in the relevant domain. The drafting of each strategy includes a doctrine, a concept and a program.

  • The doctrine substantiates the key requirements which the goals of administration shall comply with.
  • The concept formulates possible solutions that match the requirements of the adopted doctrine.
  • The program is a guide to action for the implementation of the concept.

In addition, the shadow government drafts laws and secondary legislation to support the implementation of programs and stable maintenance of governance results in the future. Also, the shadow government works on budget planning for the first year in office. Each shadow government minister establishes and manages an expert group.

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