Armenian Constructive Party

Basic Political Values

The socio-political system  of Armenia shall be based on the principles of democracy, human rights and rule of law.

The economy of Armenia shall function on the principles of free enterprise and fair competition, and the economic role of the government shall be the support of sustainable socio-economic development.

The international cooperation of Armenia shall be aimed at conflict resolution with our neighbors and the establishment of a common political, economic and cultural space in the region.

Program of Armenian Constructive PartyBasic Provisions

Foreign policy and national security

The party advocates for the recognition of the Artsakh Republic’s independence of and restoration of its territorial integrity; for the denunciation of the 1921 Kars Treaty with Turkey, and the introduction of the UN international control over the territory of Armenia annexed by Turkey; for the establishment of the South Caucasus Confederation and international neutrality of the region; for the establishment of a military and political alliance with France, and Armenia’s withdrawal from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO); for the modernization of the Armenian Army in conformity with European standards and raising of drat age to 21 years; for the development of the national military-industrial complex and national manufacture of armaments and materiel.

Legal reforms

The party advocates for a constitutional reform in order to broaden the citizens’ political and social rights, including the extended participation of Diaspora citizens of Armenia in public administration; for the implementation of the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement with the European Union and upgrading of the national legislation in conformity with European standards; to impose a 10-year ban on the participation in public administration and local self-government of the persons who helped the criminal regime that existed in Armenia until 2018 to usurp power; for the reform of the judiciary system and the refreshment of the pool of judges.

Domestic policy, economy and social sphere

The party advocates for the tax on unjustifiable wealth and for the return of illegal property acquired through corruption to the state; for the increase in state revenue from the returns of state investment in economy and parallel reduction of the tax burden; for the reduction in the price of money and the alleviation of the debt burden of the citizens; for the rehabilitation of manufacturing oriented to the domestic market and sustainable modern urban construction; for the improvement of the existing and the establishment of new biosphere reserves in the country; for free medical aid based on mandatory state medical insurance; for the improvement of education quality and free higher education; for raising pensions and social benefits.
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