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It is necessary to overcome the international isolation of Armenia, which is a consequence of a one-sided foreign policy. Today only we are able to solve that problem.

Andrias Ghukasyan

The Most Important Issues According to the Voters

IRI | February 2021
Political stability
Military reform
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Road Map to Win Election

Public opinion surveys show that most voters have not made their political choice as they are disappointed in the current parliamentary parties. We believe the victory of the non-parliamentary opposition at the anticipated preterm election depends on five basic factors.

A competent and honest leader who can ensure the forward movement of the country and guarantee that there shall never be a comeback to the old habits and ways.
A program of radical socio-economic reforms and a team that is capable of implementing it.
Financial support of the political force by the middle class in Armenia and the Diaspora to run an efficient election campaign.
Public participation in the candidates’ team-building by means of primaries for nomination and determination of their number in the party ticket based on the acquired ratings.
Involvement of volunteers to participate in election canvassing, voting control and tabulation of results.

Step 1
Fundraising for the election campaign
Step 2
Nomination of candidates
Step 3
Compilation of the MPs list based on primaries’ results
Step 4
Involvment of volunteers
Step 5
Election campaign
Step 6
Voting control and tabulation of results.

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